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QFHT Patients - Kingston

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Phone/Video Appointments Encouraged

To adhere to the critical need to practise social distancing in the wake of COVID-19, we strongly encourage that as many patient appointments as possible occur over the phone or through an Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) video visit. Patients who are returning from outside of Canada must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, so appointments with these patients must take place over the phone or via video. 

Easy- to-follow Instructions for Video Appointments:

QFHT patients participating in OTN video visits can use this simple how-to guide to download the system on your computer or install the app on your device, so you're ready to go at your e-appointment time with us. (Thanks to Stewart Medicine for this valuable resource.)

Or, watch this video that explains the same process.

Want to learn how to make the most of your health-care appointment? Click here to learn about online webinars being offered by Living Well South East Ontario.  

After Hours Clinic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, patients needing after-hours care will be required to call us at 343-884-7780 and leave a message as directed. Please note: We are only checking messages on this phone line during after-hours clinic hours: Monday-Thursday: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) If you leave a message outside of these hours, these messages will not be heard and will be deleted.) 

After receiving your message during regular after-hours clinic hours, our nursing staff will call you back for further assessment. Based on the nurses' assessment, you will either be asked to visit the clinic at a scheduled time, or a telephone or video appointment with a physician will be scheduled.

If you are calling outside of regular after-hours clinic hours, please call our usual phone number (613- 533-9303) to be connected with the on-call physician. 

If you visit our clinic:

In accordance with a Section 22 order from KFL&A Public Health, all patients who visit our clinic are required to wear a face covering. If you do not have one when you arrive, we will provide you one, and ask that you bring one to your next visit. Read FAQ about face coverings on the KFL&A website here.

When you arrive at the QFHT, you will be asked:  

▪ Have you had any fever in the last 14 days?

▪ Do you have any new cough?

▪ Do you have a sore throat?

▪ Do you have new shortness of breath?

▪ Do you have any new difficulty breathing?”

▪ Do you have any unexplained fatigue or malaise?

▪ Do you have any new nausea or diarrhea?

▪ Do you have any new loss of sense of smell?

▪ Have you had close contact with anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory illness in the past 14 days?

▪ Have your travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

▪ Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 by a doctor?

▪ Have you had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, a nurse will assess you to determine next steps in your care plan.

Please Note: Only our patients are permitted inside the clinic. Spouses and others who wish to accompany patients are not permitted. Exceptions are a parent with a child; or a support person for a patient who is frail, has dementia or an intellectual or developmental disability, or requires translation.





Welcome to the

Queen's Family Health Team 

As a patient in the Queen's Family Health Team (QFHT) academic clinic, your care will be delivered by our skilled interprofessional health-care team.

Your primary health-care provider is your family physician, who works closely with our resident physicians (residents). Residents are medical doctors who must complete two years of family medicine residency before they become independent practitioners in family medicine. Medical residents provide care to patients under the direction and supervision of your family doctor. Our medical residents, who join the team each July, bring a fresh perspective, keeping us at the forefront with the latest medical information and technologies.

In addition to our faculty physicians and resident physicians, the QFHT includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, social workers, dietitians, a pharmacist, and other support staff who work together to provide primary health care. As part of our affiliation with Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College, we are an Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care-funded training site for students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dietetics, and clerical/administration. Together, we ensure our patients receive the care they need, and connect them with our health-care partners/agencies.

New programs and services are developed and introduced to address patient needs. Visit our Programs and Services page for more information. Patients may also be referred to programs offered through our collaboration with community partners.

We welcome your feedback on how best to support your health and well-being. Email us at 

To you in good health. 

Dr. Karen Hall Barber
Lead Physician   

Diane Cross
Clinic Manager