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Health Care Providers

Some of our programs are restricted to patients of the QFHT, but not all. In fact, the following programs and clinics are available to non-QFHT patients:

  • Best Health Best Weight program
  • Breastfeeding drop-in clinic
  • Introducing Solid Foods to your Baby
  • Anxiety and Depression program
  • Baby Blues and Beyond program
  • Asking about your medications
  • Minor procedure clinic
  • Obstetrics

We also often run educational events throughout the year – e.g. workshops and seminars – that are open to non-QFHT patients. If you know someone who might benefit from one of our programs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

I am a health-care provider. How do I refer my patients to these clinics?

For the minor procedure clinic, please contact Ashleigh at 613-533-9303, Ext. 73050; fax 613-533-9308. Please note that a formal referral letter from a physician will be required for the minor procedure clinic. 

For information about obstetrical care at the QFHT, please call 613-533-9303, Ext. 73947. Patients will be assigned to one of our family physicians who do deliveries.