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Strategic & Annual Reports

Annual Reports

2022-2023 Annual Report

2022-2023 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you the Queen's Department of Family Medicine 2022-2023 Annual Report.




Strategic Plan


The development of the Queen’s Department of Family Medicine (DFM) 2019–2024 Strategic Plan is the first step in a multi-year journey, one that begins with positioning the department to build on its existing strengths and meet its challenges over the coming five years. The plan’s title – We are Family Medicine. For Learners. For Patients. For Communities. – speaks to our view that we are the leader in family medicine, and provides a starting point as we move forward together. This plan reflects a future that will be defined by strategic engagement and renewed participation among faculty, staff, residents, patients, and preceptors, as well as with our community, institutional, and health-care partners. It outlines our priorities, objectives, and actions while remaining flexible to respond to opportunities with our partners and within our communities.