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Meet the Queen's Family Health Team (QFHT)

The Queen's Family Health Team is a collaboration of physicians, resident physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, a dietitian and a pharmacist - all working together to provide patient-centred care.  The team has won a number of awards from the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario for its outstanding work on behalf of its patients.

For a list of Queen's Family Health Team family physicians and nurse practitioners, and reception contact information, click QFHT Physician Contact List

Faculty associates are medical doctors who provide care for our patients and their families when our faculty family physicians are away. Like our full-time faculty, the QFHT's faculty associates supervise our resident family physicians and provide support in many other areas. Contributing greatly to the QFHT’s belief in the value of continuity of care, they play a critical and integral role within the Queen’s Department of Family Medicine

Family physicians are medical doctors who specialize in family medicine. They provide "cradle-to-grave" care for patients and their families. The QFHT's faculty family physicians supervise our resident family physicians in training. Residents are medical doctors who must complete two years of residency before they can become independent specialists in family medicine. Some residents choose to complete a third year of training in enhanced skills, such as anesthesia, palliative care or women's health.

QFHT Family Physician Contact List

  • For a list of Queen's Family Health Team family physicians and nurse practitioners, and reception contact information, click QFHT Physician Contact List

The QFHT's International board-certified lactation consultant is a registered nurse with additional specialized training and skills in infant feeding. As co-ordinator of the QFHT Lactation Support Program, her primary role is to provide education, hands-on assistance, and support to women and their families regarding infant feeding and nutrition options. She meets with patients before they deliver, and offers ongoing support after baby is born in person or over the phone.

Our medical records clerk helps to process incoming and outgoing records requests, such as: 

  • Obtaining records from your previous physician
  • Preparing your chart for transfer if you are leaving our practice
  • Processing insurance and legal claims
  • Requesting reports from specialists 

Please contact the clinic if you have questions about any of these records requests.

A nurse practitioner is an experienced registered nurse with additional, graduate-level university education. Nurse practitioners work autonomously and collaborate with other members of the team as required.

 Services our NPs can provide:

  • Diagnose health problems
  • Provide basic medical services such as annual physicals, preventative health, and common procedures
  • Prescribe and renew medications
  • Treat many common medical conditions such as infections, arthritis, insomnia, and anemia
  • Provide symptom management and supportive care measures
  • Interpret and communicate diagnostic test results
  • Refer to health-care team members, specialists and health services in the community
  • Manage the treatment of stable ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and pain


Our receptionists book, co-ordinate and provide all the information you need for your appointment with your family physician, nurse practitioner, or other team member. 

Your receptionist can help you by: 

  • Scheduling/changing/cancelling appointments
  • Triaging phone calls (nurse, physician, allied health professional)
  • Providing information regarding the After Hours Clinic (which physician is working/on call, booking appointments)
  • Providing information on where to get blood work done
  • Updating demographic information (address, phone number)
  • Providing information regarding well-baby checks
  • Obtaining a copy of immunization records
  • Connecting to other services within QFHT
  • Providing status of test results, referrals, consults, etc.
Our referral clerks research and relay information to health care team members, and work behind the scenes to ensure that you get the earliest possible appointment with a specialist based on the urgency of your condition. They can also locate the proper services in community clinics and for out-of-town referrals. They will notify you in a timely manner via a telephone call or a letter once an appointment from a specialist’s office or clinic has been received. They make sure that you and the specialist have all the required information, and inform you of any tests needed prior to the scheduled appointment. If you have a question about your referral – for example, if you have not heard back from anyone about your appointment – please feel free to contact the clinic and ask to speak to one of them.

At your appointment, our dietitian, Allison, will:

  • Review your health and eating pattern
  • Review your medications and vitamin/mineral supplements
  • Review and explain any related blood work results
  • Provide information about your eating pattern, appropriate use of supplements, and how to manage your chronic disease or life stage with nutrition-healthy behaviours
  • Work with you to set nutrition- and healthy behaviour-related goals to help you achieve your best health 

To arrange an appointment with Allison, please speak to your doctor, resident physician, nurse or social worker at your next appointment or contact our office.

A registered pharmacist is an expert on medications who can help you understand how to properly use prescription drugs. Our pharmacist also overseas and co-ordinates the INR clinic for anti-coagulation management.

Services our pharmacist provides:

  • Answers questions about your medication
  • Helps obtain an accurate medical history
  • Monitors and manages side effects of drugs, adverse reactions, and medication treatmentsReviews, monitors, and helps manage medication treatments of individuals on multiple medications to ensure safe and effective use
  • Reviews medication orders for accuracy and provides recommendations for dosing adjustments

A registered nurse assists with health assessments and examinations, helps with procedures, promotes preventative health, and provides ongoing care, health education and support in managing your symptoms. RNs help monitor patients with more complex chronic conditions. They also coordinate care with community services and provide advice in managing symptoms and supportive care. Some RNs are involved in direct programming. They can help you with your INRs if you are taking medication to prevent blood clots, assess your 0-18-month-old child, or support you and your newborn with breastfeeding. 

A registered practical nurse assists with health assessments, examinations and procedures, and provides ongoing care, health education and support in managing your health. Our RPNs provide care to patients whose ongoing health conditions are well controlled.

Services our RNs and RPNs can provide:

• Blood pressure monitoring, glucometer readings, ear syringing, vital signs
• ECGs, hearing and vision testing
• Testing for pregnancy, rapid strep and urine
• Immunizations, flu, allergy and other prescribed shots
• Staple/suture removal, wound care, dressing changes
• Stool cards for occult blood testing, drawing blood for testing
• Test results
• Entry and update to patient records with medications and allergies
• Education to help you manage diabetes, hypertension and other ongoing medical conditions
• Telephone support or in-person triage, follow-up as needed

Social work is a diverse profession that focuses on improving health and well-being, and promotes the rights and dignity of all individuals and the achievement of social justice.

Services our social workers provide: 

  • Time-limited, supportive counselling for anxiety, depression or other mental-health issues
  • CBT-based groups
  • Short-term illness and adjustment therapy
  • Service navigation assistance
  • End-of-life issues and grief counselling
  • Advocacy for patients’ rights and access to services
  • Help for caregivers