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Belleville - Quinte

The Queen's Belleville-Quinte (BQ) residency program places family medicine at the centre of your learning experience in a truly integrated, horizontal curriculum. Along with your core family medicine experiences, you will be completing concurrent placements in related settings, giving you and your patients valuable exposure to truly comprehensive care.

Family physician teachers direct the learning objectives for each of your clinical experiences, and while you will be learning in many different settings, the emphasis will be on the specific skills family physicians require.

During your training, enjoy life in the charming city of Belleville, known for its waterfront festivals. There are many recreational opportunities to enjoy, and numerous provincial and national parks. Nearby Prince Edward County is home to numerous wineries, unique shopping experiences and fabulous dining.

If you are looking for a family medicine residency program to train you to be an outstanding, comprehensive family physician, the Queen's Belleville-Quinte program is the one for you.

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Program Highlights:

Both Years: 

• Family Medicine-centred 2-year horizontal “Triple C” Curriculum (Comprehensive learning, Continuity of learning and Family Medicine-Centred education)

• An average of 2 full days in Family Medicine clinics each week, alongside horizontal experiences in other disciplines relevant to family medicine

• Wednesday afternoons are academic teaching (protected time)

•  Family mdicine on-call at Belleville General Hospital

•  Horizontal experiences:

        - Pediatric clinics

        - Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics and on-call

        -  Lumps, bumps and minor procedure clinics

        -  Emergency Medicine

        - Cardiology

        - Gastroenterology

        - Behavioural Medicine

        - Hospitalist (family physician-led)

        - Palliative Care           

Transition to Residency, Skill-building, Competency in core FM
    • 8 weeks of Electives
    • 4 weeks of Internal Medicine (as a combo of IM, FM Hospitalist, or ICU)
Mastery of Core FM skills; Transition to Independent Practice
    • New FM clinic & preceptor for core FM
    • 8 weeks of Rural Family Medicine outside of Belleville in Picton, Trenton, Bancroft, or any other Queen’s-approved rural site
    • Horizontal experiences continue
    • 4 weeks of electives
    • 8 selective days for sampling other experiences

Wednesday afternoons are protected academic half-days from 1-5 p.m.  

Family physicians, community allied health providers and local specialists will review key topics in family medicine.  In addition to core topics, we cover exam prep, mock SAMPs and SOOS, procedural skills and practice management.

Teaching opportunities for you include three resident-led sessions per year as well as journal club events. 

In addition, residents from all four sites come together in Kingston approximately eight times yearly for important workshops or to learn specialized skills. You will be provided with a travel stipend for these days, as well as overnight accommodation in Kingston if the session is two days long.


Flexible Program

At the Belleville-Quinte site, we strive to help you make the most of your residency. We will work with you to build a schedule that meets your interests and needs. We do recommend that you have access to a vehicle during your residency in order to facilitate placements at various locations in the city.

For any joint Academic Days in Kingston, you will be provided with a travel stipend. If the session is more than one day, accommodation will be provided.

We work hard to accommodate parental leave requests and we always ensure that you receive your entitled vacation each year.

Resident Support

We also offer you Conference/Educational leave days and a Resident Allowance that can be used for conference registrations, textbooks, software or other educational resources.

You also have full access to the Queen’s library system and resources, as well as access to UpToDate.

During your residency, you will be paired with a faculty member who will be your Academic Advisor to help you through your development as a Family Physician. We also have a Faculty Advisor who is available to meet with any resident experiencing difficulty.

Goals of the Belleville-Quinte Family Medicine curriculum

  • Increase efficiency in family medicine training

  • Provide "high-relevance" clinical activities

  • Foster your professional identity as a Family Physician

  • Replicate your future practice environment

  • Find the right education-to-service balance

  • Increase the emphasis on continuity of care, with horizontal experiences

  • Family Physician preceptors that practice in multiple settings (office, hospital, emergency)

  • Provide increased opportunities for feedback

  • Role modelling and mentoring

  • Develop collaborative relationships

Belleville-Quinte Curriculum Overview

Belleville, located on the shores of the Bay of Quinte, is an ideal community for your family medicine residency training.  The city's historic downtown is home to an ecclectic mix of shops, restaurants, boutiques, theatre, and a popular farmer's market.  Belleville is also known for its expansive waterfront, providing incredible opportunities for sailboats, pleasure craft, and anglers alike.    Belleville's location is also ideal for exploring Prince Edward County, just across the Bay of Quinte.  Here, you'll not only find one of the best beaches in Canada at Sandbanks Provincial Park, but you can also explore the numerous wineries that surround the picturesque towns of Picton, Bloomfield, and Wellington.

Belleville offers both the amenities of a larger city and the charm of a smaller town.   It's the ideal community for residents to find an excellent work-life balance and we hope you'll take time to learn more about our community.

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