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Women's Health

The third year program in Women's Health is designed to meet the following objectives:

  1. To provide the residents with an understanding of the historical relationship of medicine and women, in order to encourage future change.
  2. To recognize and influence current attitudes held by the residents and the medical profession in general about women, including assumptions based not only on their sex, but also their race, class, sexual orientation, age, and abilities.
  3. To raise consciousness/awareness to the variety and importance of issues that impact on women's health.
  4. To increase knowledge and refine skills needed in serving women patients, in order to provide physicians with specific expertise in women's health care. (This spectrum includes a greater understanding of both communication and technical medical information, in addition to improving skills in counselling and in particular procedures.)
  5. To provide a greater appreciation for the skills and expertise of other health care personnel and community workers who serve women, and to provide an understanding of how to access these resources and work together as a team.
  6. To create a group of physicians who will both work as activists and serve as resources in women's health issues, for the health care system, medical education, and the community.
  7. To encourage incorporation of women's health issues into the core family medicine residency and undergraduate medical education.