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Dr. Michael Green CFPC Board Director-at-Large (June 2021)

Dr. Michael Green has been appointed as a new director-at-large with the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s (CFPC) board of directors, filling an unexpired term ending on November 11, 2021. In its announcement, the College wrote: Dr. Green has skills, experiences, knowledge, and other attributes that will allow him to contribute meaningfully to the Board immediately.” The CFPC’s 2021 election will be held in October. (June 2021)

Dr. Kieran Moore Named Ontario's Chief MOH (June 2021)

Dr. Kieran Moore, Program Director, Public Health and Preventive Medicine (PHPM) program, has been appointed Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (MOH). Dr. Moore is highly regarded for his role in leading our area through the COVID-19 pandemic as MOH for KFL&A Public Health. In his new position, which takes effect June 26, he will maintain his role with our PHPM program. (June 2021)

Dr. Kieran Moore Earns Queen's FHS Mentorship Award (May 2021)

Dr. Kieran Moore, Program Director, Public Health and Preventive Medicine (PHPM), has received the Queen’s FHS 2021 Ron Wigle Mentorship Award, recognizing him for working “above and beyond normal expectations in every aspect” of his senior positions at Queen’s School of Medicine. In his letter of congratulations, Dr.

Dr. Ruth Wilson Honoured as "Tireless Leader" (May 2021)

Dr. Ruth Wilson, Professor Emerita, has received the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada’s 2021 Rural Leadership Award in recognition of her “tireless leadership at every level of the health care system, including internationally.” Dr.

Dr. Amrita Roy a National Med Student "Champion" (May 2021)

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) has recognized Dr. Amrita Roy as a CFMS Culture Changers Champion for her contribution to a positive learning environment. Each year, the federation accepts nominations from medical students who would like to acknowledge “Culture Changers” — residents and physicians who have made lasting impacts on their medical education. (May 2021)

Dr. Colleen Grady Funded through INSPIRE-PHC (April 2021)

Dr. Colleen Grady (DBA) has received $60K from INSPIRE-PHC to respond to an AHRQ (Applied Health Research Question). She is PI for the project “How can Primary Care come together in common purpose to enable effective and engaged decision making in Ontario Health Teams?” (April 2021)

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