The Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University is an interdisciplinary collaboration of health professions, teachers, researchers, clerical and administrative staff who are based both at the university and in the community. Our vision is to be a Department of Family Medicine acknowledged for its excellence in primary care delivery, education and research.

Our raison d'etre is our Postgraduate Education Program. Its direction is defined by the principles of Family Medicine and by the changing needs of society and our residents. Our current program includes special interests in rural and remote medicine, emergency medicine, anaesthesia, women's health, care of the elderly, palliative care and care of people with developmental disabilities. We contribute greatly to primary care research, and our expertise in teaching in the ambulatory setting is shared with all physicians through their undergraduate education at Queen's University. Our experience in faculty and program development extends to international programs. For 40 years, Queen's Department of Family Medicine has been delivering the future of primary care.