International Global Health Experiences

The Department of Family Medicine is moving away from a historic model where residents can select their own international elective sites to one where residents are strongly encouraged to choose from available international electives supported and approved by the Department. While this transition is being made, residents are still welcome to come forward to propose electives of their choosing by completing the International Elective Application Form.

Criteria for a “valid” international elective that is likely to be approved by the Department are listed in the Assessment of Acceptable International Electives Check List.

Residents are encouraged to embark upon the preparation process early and must seek approval from their academic advisor, then from their site director. Once approved, residents must fulfill all the requirements for pre-departure preparation prior to leaving on their elective. Residents are encouraged to start this process at least 3 months prior to their planned elective. Information about the pre-departure program is found here.

Falkland Islands

St. Lucia

South Africa

Pre-Departure Program