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Core Curriculum

Jordan and Patient 2

Our curriculum is based on the CFPC “Triple C” Curriculum model (Comprehensive learning, Continuity of patient care, supervision and curriculum, and Family Medicine-Centred education), which helps prepare you to practice Family Medicine anywhere.

Comprehensive learning means that you will become proficient in the full scope of Family Medicine: office and community based care, inpatient care, emergency medicine, chronic care, obstetrics and the psychosocial aspects of medicine that affect all age groups. Learning objectives are structured around nine Domains of Clinical Care (e.g. care of the elderly, care of children and adolescents) that help develop your competency in each of these areas.

Continuity of patient care means that you will follow the same patients in your Family Medicine clinics, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Continuity of supervision means that you will have a designated primary preceptor during each core Family Medicine placement and you will also have an academic advisor assigned for the duration of your residency. Continuity of curriculum means that each of your experiences will build upon the others as you develop into a fully proficient and independent Family Physician.   You will also receive ACLS, ALARM and Neonatal Resuscitation training.

Family Medicine Centred Education means that you are always learning through the lens of Family Medicine. You will work in many different clinical settings with other Family Physicians and specialist colleagues who are enthusiastic about Family Medicine learners.