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Residency Projects


During your two-year residency, you will complete two projects that will help you develop your skills as a researcher, advocate and manager.

Scholarly Project:

This project will be completed independently and will focus on a topic or issue of interest to you. The project can take many forms:

  • Research project with a defined hypothesis, method and analysis
  • Critical appraisal (a review of key literature on a topic)
  • Advocacy (work with a community group to develop a program or resource and then either evaluate or reflect on the process)
  • IT project (develop an evidenced-based IT tool (e.g. website or app) to support and enhance medical practice or education)
  • Ethics project (identify and analyze an ethical issue in Primary Care
  • Quality improvement project 

You will have a faculty supervisor who will help guide you through the project process, as well as the opportunity to consult with our research team at the Centre for Studies in Primary Care. Projects are presented at our annual Research Day conference and celebration in February of your PGY2 year.

Quality Improvement Project

The quality improvement project is a longitudinal, team-based project completed during your PGY1. You will be taught key QI principles through monthly didactic lectures and small group mentoring. The project will involve choosing a topic pertinent to your local clinic environment, collecting baseline data, engaging key stakeholders, understanding the complexities of the problem, and determining appropriate implementation ideas. Previous QI projects have reviewed management of foot care for diabetics, documentation of children's BMIs, management of patients with asthma, vaccination rates, etc. Your project will be presented to your colleagues and the clinic team in the form of a Grand Rounds presentation at the end of the year.