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Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP)

The College of Family Physicians of Canada was founded in 1954 to promote the highest possible standards of care provided by Canadian Family Physicians through education and research. In 1969, the CFPC introduced certification in Family Medicine to recognize those members who could demonstrate acquisition of the knowledge and skills integral to the practice of Family Medicine.

Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP) is a special designation of CFPC membership. Eligibility for Certification in Family Medicine is granted by the CFPC to those individuals who have either completed approved residency training in Family Medicine or become eligible for certification through a combination of approved training and practice experience.

All Queen's Department of Family Medicine programs lead to CCFP certification.  Candidates write their certification exams in Kingston and have traditionally been extremely successful, consistently scoring at or above the national average on the written and oral components of the certification exam.