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Dr. Hugh Guan
Dr. Hugh Guan

Tianxiu Hugh Guan completed his BHSc and MD from McMaster University. He is particularly interested in health systems and policy, global health, and communicable diseases. Hugh is pursuing a graduate degree at the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine for his PGY-3 year.  His hobbies include board games, current affairs, and traveling.

Selected publications and presentations:

Otterstatter MC, Amlani A, Guan TH, Richardson L, Buxton JA. Illicit drug overdose deaths resulting from income assistance payments: Analysis of the ‘check effect’ using daily mortality data. Int J Drug Policy. 2016 Jul;33:83-7.

Purkey E, Davison C, Guan TH, Bartels S, Than WM, Htut HN, Sebastian S. Implementation of a neonatal hepatitis B immunization program in the fragile-state health system context of Karenni State, Myanmar. Poster presentation at the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. November 2016, Vancouver, Canada.