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Dr. Susan Phillips BSc, MD, CCFP, MSc (epid)
Dr. Susan Phillips
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Program Director/Coordinator Past Research Director, Queen's Family Medicine, and Past Director of the Centre for Studies in Primary Care (CSPC); Walter Rosser Research Chair; and Director Queen's University Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) Program
Roles: Professor, researcher (social epidemiology/ gender/ ACE/ resilience/ aging) and, I hope, mentor to a new generation of caring, compassionate and competent family physicians
Key Responsibilities: Past Research Director, Queen's Family Medicine, and Past Director of the Centre for Studies in Primary Care (CSPC)
Education:  MD, CCFP, MSc (epid), MD(HC)Umea, Sweden
Expertise:  Research methodology, epidemiology, gender, equity and health, women's health
Research Interests:  I study how the external world, including the environment, socioeconomic factors, gender, connectedness or marginalization get "under the skin" to affect individual health.
Awards and Accomplishments: College of Family Physicians of Canada 2018, Lifetime achievement in research award (national)

Federation of Medical Women of Canada 2016, National Honorary Member Award (1 given annually, national)

Umea University Faculty of Medicine, Umea Sweden 2014, Honorary Doctor

PAIRO Teaching award 2011, Nomination for this provincial award

GENDER-NET Plus Gender and UN Sustainable Development Goals (funder – CIHR, European Union, Swedish Research Council): Jan. 2019-Mar. 2022: Evolving gender differences in health & care across cohorts: Principal investigator. 745,950 Euro.

CIHR: Apr. 2019-Feb. 2023: Gender-based inequalities in adolescent health in Canada, Co-I ($500,000.00)

BMBF (Fed. Min. of Ed. And Research, Germany) 2018. Effects of interventions on children’s and adolescents’ physical activity and sedentary behaviour: a gender-sensitive systematic review (co-I), (~$900,000).

MOHLTC (Ontario Government), AHRQ Jan. 2018: Are e Consults patient-centred? (PI $41,000.00)

Ontario Health Services Research Fund Nov. 2017: Inspire 2: Innovations Supporting Primary Health Care Through Research (co-PI $2,047,547.00 over 2.5 years)

Principal’s Development Fund Queen’s University Mar. 2016: Symposium of Aging and Health (PI $3000.00)

CIHR Jan. 2016-Jan. 2017: Setting the Agenda for Recovery Research in Older Adults with Hip Fractures: Considering the Bigger Picture (co-I, $20,000.00)

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Jan 2015 – Apr. 2016: Predictors of Canadian Certification Success among International Medical Graduates (co PI, $24060.00)

MOHLTC (Ontario Government) Apr. 2015 – Oct 2015: Review of services Ontario’s seniors’ associations offer to support healthy aging in the home (Principal investigator, $40,075) 

Centre for Studies in Primary Care (Queen’s U) Oct. 2014 – Dec. 2015: Assessing resilience among children and youth in primary care (PI, $8,200.)

Phoenix Project (AMS) Oct. 2013-Oct. 2014: Developing a Call to Care: Understanding How Family Medicine Residents’ Values Shape their Practice of Patient-Centred Care (co-investigator, $20,000.) 

MOHLTC (Ontario Government) Aug 2013 – Feb 2015: A systematic review of literature on healthcare case management and community care (PI, $35,750.)

Public Health Preventive Medicine, Queen’s U June 2015 – Dec. 2017: Fostering resilience in children (PI, $30,118.)

Centre for Studies in Primary Care (Queen’s U) Apr. 2013 – July. 2018: Screening for youth at risk: a feasibility study (PI, $24,000.)

Inspire: Health System Research Fund (Ontario Government) April 2013 – March 2016: Primary Health Care Program, Stewart, M. (Principal Investigator), Co-PIs: Bhattacharyya, O; Dahrouge, S; Dolovich, L; Glazier, RH; Green, M; Hogg, W; Liddy, C. Phillips, S; Regan, S; Terry, A; Zwarenstein, M. ($3,720,000).

 Umea University 2012-2014: Visiting Professor Centre for Gender Studies

World Bank Sept. 2011-June 2012: Quality and equality of medical education and care in Albania, Georgia and Tajikistan

1. Geeta Gupta Equity and Diversity Award: 2009, national award, College of Family Physicians of Canada 2. PAIRO reaching award nominee 2011, 2001 3. May Cohen Gender Equity Award: 2006, national award, Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada CIHR: Oct. 2010-16 - New Emerging Team: Gender differences in mobility: what we can learn to improve mobility in old age (PI, $1,500,000.00) CIHR: Oct. 2009-2013  Emerging Team Grant: CIHR Team in Gender, Environment and Health: development of new methodologies (co-investigator) ($1,000,000.00) Umea University: 2012-2014: Visiting Professor Institute of Gender Studies (6 weeks/ year) World Bank: Sept. 2011-June 2012: Quality of medical education and care in Albania, Georgia and Tajikistan, Honorary Doctor, Umea University, 2014, Federation of Medical Women of Canada National Honorary Member Award, 2016, Principal’s Development Fund Queen’s University 2016: Symposium of Aging and Health, CIHR January 2016-January 2017: Setting the Agenda for Recovery Research in Older Adults with Hip Fractures: Considering the Bigger Picture, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 2015 -2017: Predictors of Canadian Certification Success among International Medical Graduates


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