Welcome to the Queen's Family Health Team (QFHT). One of the many advantages of being a patient at the QFHT is the opportunity to be in the care of a primary health-care provider (family physician) and a resident physician (resident). Residents are medical doctors who must complete two years of residency before they become independent practitioners in family medicine. Medical residents provide care to patients under the direction and supervision of your family doctor. Our medical residents, who join the team each July, bring a fresh perspective, keeping us at the forefront with the latest medical information and technologies.

As valued members of the QFHT, our patients receive exceptional care that combines expertise, innovative programming and a commitment to excellence. As a testament to the outstanding care we provide and our commitment to our patients and our community, the QFHT has earned a number of awards from the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario. These awards have focused on best practices in chronic disease management and using data to improve care (2012); interprofessional care and using electronic medical records to improve care (2013); and effective governance and accountability (2014).

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care also recognized one of our faculty members, Dr. Karen Hall Barber, for her work in leading quality-improvement and patient-safety initiatives. This work would not be possible without the passion and commitment of our staff, faculty and residents, as well as our patients, who provide feedback and ideas, and for whom we are privileged to provide care.

New programs and services are developed and offered to address patient needs; see our Programs and Services page on this websitePatients may also be referred to programs offered through our collaboration with community partners.

We welcome your feedback on how best to support your health and well-being; email us at info@qfht.ca. 

To you in good health. 

Dr. Karen Hall Barber
Lead Physician   

Diane Cross
Clinic Manager