Patient and Community Health

Queen’s Family Health Team (QFHT) strives to provide excellent multidisciplinary patient-centered primary healthcare to all comers. Within this framework, the role of the Global Health program is to be ever vigilant to apply a health equity lens to all quality improvement initiatives and services delivered through QFHT.

Specifically, the Global Health program recognizes that due to inequality with respect to the social determinants of health, power imbalances and structural violence within our society, some people suffer from poorer health and reduced access to healthcare services. QFHT believes that extra effort should be expended to assist such individuals in maximizing their potential for good health.

The Global Health program supports initiatives within the Department and QFHT to investigate how to better access patients with low literacy, survivors of trauma, or persons facing economic, housing, transportation, and food security barriers, among others.

This portal serves to illustrate some of the clinical initiatives relevant to health equity ongoing within QFHT and the Department, and is also a repository for resources for patients facing equity barriers to health and for the staff supporting them.