Jenn Carpenter

Dr. Jenn Carpenter graduated from Queen’s Medicine in 1997. She completed her Emergency Medicine fellowship exam in 2003, MSc (Community Health) in 2008 and her CCFP in 2012. She has been Co-Director (Education) of the Office of Global Health since it opened in 2008.

Dr. Carpenter is the Advocacy Lead for the Undergraduate Medicine program and she designed and leads the Population and Global Health course for UGME. She is also the Director of the Certificate of Global Health, an optional program for medical students, and is the lead for two Population and Global Health courses in the new ePrehealth Bachelor Degree at Queen’s.

Dr. Carpenter is the Medical Director and co-founder of Pamoja Tunaweza Women’s Clinic in Moshi Tanzania and travels there three times per year to teach Canadian and Tanzanian learners and to lead volunteers in providing free medical care for under-serviced Tanzanians in the rural Kilimanjaro Region.