Pre-Departure Program

Department of Family Medicine Pre-Departure Preparation Curriculum for Residents Planning Overseas Clinical Rotations

All residents planning overseas clinical experiences (OCE) must participate in pre-departure preparation.  Each resident planning an OCE must have their planned experience approved by the program director.  It is at the program director’s discretion to approve or disallow overseas travel.  Once approved, it is the residents’ responsibility to contact the chair of the Global Health Working Group to plan their pre-departure preparation.

The purpose of pre-departure preparation is to ensure that residents are ready to go—that they have completed their preparation including safety preparation, that they are thoughtful about the experience upon which they are embarking, and that they will serve as good ambassadors for the department and country.  The purpose of post-return debriefing is to allow residents to critically reflect on their experiences, and to contribute in some form to the ongoing Global Health education and dialogue within the Department of Family Medicine.

All of these steps must be completed for the rotation to be deemed acceptable to the department.

1. 3 months or more prior to departure:  

  • Have your selected rotation approved by your academic advisor and program director (see review checklist if you are applying for international elective which is not pre-approved, see Global Health website for pre-approved electives).  Review pre-departure documents online and register to book Meetings 1 & 2 with the Global Health director (you must have registered for these meetings at least 2 weeks prior to their date).
  • Meeting 1 to discuss curriculum (you are not expected to have completed any documents by this time except for rotation approval) – meeting 1 can be held by phone or skype if needed, and serves mainly to ensure that the resident understands the components of PDT.

2. 6 weeks or more prior to departure:

3. 4 weeks or more prior to departure:

4. Upon return:

  • Schedule Meeting 3.
  • Complete review checklist of your overseas elective and email to the Global Health Director.
  • Meeting 3 to debrief and plan post-return follow-up activity. This activity can include presentations at rounds or to other residents, blog posts, advocacy activities related to the country of the elective, or other forms agreed upon by residents and Global Health director


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