Kingston Community Health Centres

KCHC is a multi-service, multi-site Community Health Centre. It provides clinical and social services at three main locations where it makes special efforts to serve people who have a higher risk of poor health, or people who are having difficulty finding health care because of language or cultural barriers, poverty or isolation. In all activities, special attention is paid to the social, emotional, and financial needs of our clients since these are the pre-requisites of health.

The KCHC rotation is a clinical family practice rotation which incorporates a strong introduction to multidisciplinary team work (OT, Social Work, Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Footcare Nurse), an optional introduction to the Women’s Clinic at KGH (therapeutic abortions), and a family practice obstetrics component. Residents at KCHC will also have the opportunity to interact with and discover other program areas such as Better Beginnings for Kingston Children (BBKC) Immigrant Services for Kingston and Area (ISKA), Pathways for Education (P2E) and Street Health Centre (SHC).

Kingston Community Health Centres Clinical and Policy Rotation

As explained above, KCHC is a multidisciplinary Community Health Centre whose primary care team aims to provide clinical care for persons living in poverty, as well as persons facing other inequities in access to healthcare.  KCHC is also an organization that engages in health advocacy for populations facing inequities in health through a variety of means ranging from individual clinical advocacy to community-based advocacy (ex. Kingston Dental Coalition) and municipal-level policy advocacy (ex. Poverty Reduction Initiative)

This combined clinical and policy rotation gives residents an opportunity to practice community-based primary care at KCHC in an organization dedicated to health equity, and at the same time, under the mentorship of Dr Kieran Moore from KFL&A Public Health, to engage in a project related to health policy relevant to the CHC clients. Examples of previous resident initiatives include a protocol for naloxone prescribing to high-risk patients.

 NKCHC is a core family medicine site for PGY-2.