The Resident in Difficulty

Self-directed Learning

Just going to read one article?Try: Learners in Difficulty, part of the website “Practical Prof” from the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan 

The Resident in Difficulty, a webpage from the UBC Dept. of Family Practice

The Academic Support Process (ASP) website ( ) was designed by the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa to provide guidance and support to medical educators so that they can: creat individualized support plans using the templates provided to guide learners as they strive for their best in their training; identify learners wtih performance concerns early on in residency; precisely and clearly identify the issues or these learners; design individualized support plans to attend to these concerns using the most effective and efficient learning strategies; generate a record of the approaches used toaddress the learners' needs using the templates provided; and access up-to-date resource materials in medical education.  The version available through this link, developed through the Provincial Faculty Development Initiative, funded by the Government of Ontario and the Physician Services Committee, is a modified version of the original ASP site and is desiged for use by all physician educators.

Group Learning Resources

The Resident in Difficulty, a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the UBC Dept. of Family Practice

The Learner in Difficulty, a problem-based small group learning module by The Foundation for Medical Practice Education; a group session can be arranged through your regional ("site") faculty development coordinator.