Orientation of New Residents, Setting Expectations

Self-directed Learning

Just going to read one article? Try: Having Residents in the Office, by the Dept. of Family Medicine, UBC: items to review to orient your resident.

Preparing Your Office and Orienting Learners, part of the website "Practical Prof" from the Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan 

For IMGs – a longer document, Orienting Teachers and IMGs. If you are teaching an International Medical Graduate, consider looking at this more detailed resource of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, which takes the general principles about orientation and goal setting and makes them practical, in the context of IMGs.  

The appendix titled Checklist of Clinical Responsibilities and Expectations is a useful basis for an orientation discussion with any resident, whether an international or Canadian medical graduate.

Group Learning Resources

Preparing your office for a resident, a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the UBC Dept. of Family Practice

Preparing for New Learners is a problem-based small group learning module by The Foundation for Medical Practice Education. To discuss orientation issues with your colleagues, consider requesting a group session be organized through your regional ("site") faculty development coordinator, who can facilitate the group and provide the written background material for the module.