Queen’s Bowmanville-Oshawa-Lakeridge (QBOL) is the newest community site in the Department of Family Medicine. Our preceptors have been teaching residents from the other Queen's sites for many years, and we are very excited to now have our 'own' group of residents.
At QBOL, your learning is centred in your home Family Medicine clinic, with complementary clinical experiences scheduled alongside each week. Our goal is to limit the amount of time you are away from your home clinic by providing a comprehensive Family Medicine learning experience.
We’ve also partnered with Lakeridge Health to create the LHEARN Centre, a regional medical education hub that provides support and resources to learners.
Explore these pages to learn more about QBOL and visit our blog to learn more about our program.

Wei-Hsi Pang, MD, CCFP
Site Director, Queen's Bowmanville-Oshawa-Lakeridge