Program Flexibility and Resident Support

Flexible Program
At the QBOL site, we strive to help you make the most of your residency. We will work with you to build a schedule that meets your interests and needs. We do recommend that you have access to a vehicle during your residency in order to facilitate placements at various locations in the city.
For any joint Academic Days in Kingston, you will be provided with a travel stipend. If the session is more than one day, accommodation will be provided.
We work hard to accommodate parental leave requests and we always ensure that you receive your entitled vacation each year.
Resident Support
We also offer you Conference/Educational leave days and a Resident Allowance that can be used for conference registrations, textbooks, software or other educational resources.
You have full access to the Queen’s library system and resources, as well as access to UpToDate. You also have access to the LHEARN centre and Family Medicine Lounge.
During your residency, you will be paired with a faculty member who will be your Academic Advisor to help you through your development as a Family Physician. We also have a Faculty Advisor who is available to meet with any resident experiencing difficulty.