Specialty Clinical Rotations


  •  3x24 hour shifts/month x 3 months within blocks 2-6
  • You will be assigned to 2 preceptors as much as possible for continuity of supervision
  • Patients from your practice will hopefully begin requesting you to attend their delivery
  • Opportunity to add additional OB shifts later in residency if you want to gain more experience
  • Opportunity to pair you with an FM preceptor who does OB as well


  • 2 x 1/2 day/month
  • Working with community-based pediatricians as well as in-hospital clinics
  • Consultant pediatrics service seeing referrals from Family Medicine
  • You will be able to see patients that you referred from your home FM practice
  • Small group teaching each day around topics from the day’s cases

Care of Adults

Various settings including Inpatient care / ER / FM clinics

Inpatient care

  • With Lakridge Health Oshawa hospitalist
  • 2 blocks within first year (no FM during these blocks)
  • Multiple areas of involvement (newborn exams, inpatient medicine, rehab, palliative, post op care, ER admissions)
  • Electives in Critical Care and Oncology are possible
  • Hospitalist weeks at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville are possible as well


  • Starting in block 7 onwards
  • Approximately 3 shifts/month
  • You will be assigned to 2 preceptors as much as possible for continuity of supervision
  • Graduated responsibility and complexity of care
  • Placements start at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville and will then progress to the Oshawa site
  • Opportunity to follow a case from ER to OR/Crisis Team to admission to ward care

Care of the Elderly

  •  2x1/2 day/month
  • You will serve a wide range of ages in your FM practices
  • You will also care for patients at Long Term Care Facilities in Oshawa and Bowmanville, working along side FM preceptors, Nurse Practitioners and other Allied Health Professionals

Behavioural Medicine

  • 3x 1/2 day/month
  • Consultant psychiatry service through Dr. A. Goldwater, an enthusiastic local psychiatrist with good understanding of FM needs and a strong background in counseling
  • Referrals will be from Family Practice for behavioural medicine diagnoses and also other illnesses with behavioural components (chronic illness, stages of change/decision making)
  • You will see these patients with the psychiatrist, then follow up in your home practice and also follow up again in the psychiatry clinic if needed
  • Residents will be part of group briefings and debriefings around cases

Procedural Skills

  • Many opportunities to gain experience with procedural skills (ER, OBs,  Dermatology, Hospitalist rotations, surgical outpatient clinics)
  • Family Medicine outpatient procedures, “lumps and bumps” clinics scheduled
  • Possibility of additional General Surgery/Plastics lumps and bumps

Palliative Medicine

  • Some of our FM preceptors provide Palliative Care in the community
  • Other practices will refer patient and resident to those FM preceptors to try to provide resident continuity
  • Extended FM placements maximize the chance to follow palliative cases longitudinally

Global Health

  • During your first month, you  will identify and explore local resources programs and needs of members of vulnerable and underserviced communities in the area
  • Resident project could be an advocacy project
  • Placements at the Sexual Health Clinic and Community Health Centre
  • Online learning modules for topics that can’t be accessed locally
  • Possibility of international electives