Specialty Rotations

During your two years of residency, your core Family Medicine rotations will be supplemented by rotations in other specialties that will help you develop into a comprehensive Family Physician. These rotations can take place in Kingston or in other communities. We will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your educational needs and compliments your personal life. 
Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine (PGY1)
During your first year of residency, you will complete a general Internal Medicine rotation. This rotation gives you an excellent exposure to hospital-based medicine and patient care. The preceptors in Internal Medicine are used to having Family Medicine residents working in their teams and are enthusiastic about helping you learn.
Locations: Kingston, Brockville, or Belleville
Subspecialty Internal Medicine (PGY2)
During your second year, you will complete another Internal Medicine rotation, this time focusing on a specific subspecialty. We try our best to match you with your specialty and location of interest.
Locations and Subspecialties:
Kingston: CardiologyEndocrinologyGIHematologyInfectious DiseaseNephrologyNeurology, Respirology
Oshawa: Cardiology only
Belleville: Cardiology only
Your Surgery rotation will be completed during your first year of residency. This rotation helps you to develop your surgical skills and care for patients with acute and complex conditions. You can choose between general surgery, plastic surgery or orthopedic surgery for this rotation, offered in three different locations.

Kingston: General, Plastics, or Orthopedic
Belleville: General or Orthopedic
Oshawa: General or Orthopedic
Your Paediatrics rotation can take place at any time during your two-year residency.

Kingston (combination of outpatient, wards and NICU)
Oshawa (community)
Toronto (Sick Kids Emergency Dept.)
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Your Obstetrics & Gynecology rotation can take place at any time during your two-year residency. Unfortunately, due to space and learner number limitations, this rotation must be completed outside of Kingston.
Locations: Belleville, Cobourg, Oshawa
Your Psychiatry rotation can take place at any time during your two-year residency. There are many different options and settings available for this rotation.

Kingston: Adult inpatient, Consultation liaison, Mood Disorders Unit, Geriatric, combined outpatient and inpatient
Smiths Falls/Carleton Place: Outpatient clinics, 8 week long rotation (will require use of one electives block), can also be offered paired with an FM rotation in Smiths Falls
Belleville: combined outpatient and inpatient
Oshawa: Crisis Unit at Lakeridge Health
Emergency Medicine
Your Emergency Medicine rotation can take place at any time during your two-year residency.
Locations: Kingston, Napanee, or Cobourg
Palliative Care or Care of the Elderly
You will complete either a Palliative Care or Care of the Elderly rotation. This rotation can take place at any time during your two-year residency. Both are offered in Kingston; Palliative Care through the Palliative Care Unit and Care of the Elderly through St. Mary’s of the Lake.