Facilities and Resources

Residents are based at Providence Care Hospital site for most of their program. They work closely with the Specialized Geriatric Services program, whose goal is to assist elderly persons to live as independently as possible in a variety of settings. It achieves this by providing multidimensional geriatric assessment services within the community, ambulatory care areas, acute care facilities and long-term care institutions.

In addition, residents will work in the following settings, although these are somewhat dependent on their learning needs:

A)   Kingston General Hospital – for acute care consultations, palliative care, and geriatric psychiatry consultations, and for subspecialty clinics.

B)   Hotel Dieu Hospital – for subspeciality clinics

C)   Long term care facilities – for the horizontal long-term care experience

D)   In the community – for the Geriatric Psychiatry rotation, palliative care, and some core geriatrics experiences

Rotations outside of Kingston may be considered for both core and elective rotations, provided that the rotation objectives can be met, but the resident will need to work with the program coordinator to arrange these.

Teaching faculty in geriatric medicine core rotations are family physicians with Care of the Elderly training and internist geriatricians. Although the residents are located at Providence Care Hospital and do the majority of their clinical work there, it is expected that they maintain links with the Department of Family Medicine, often by participating in core teaching there as an educator or as a learner. The program coordinator has a cross appointment with the Department of Family Medicine and is closely involved with the rotation planning, supervision and assessment of residents.

All other Queen's University resources that support residents are available to Care of the Elderly trainees also.