The Queen's Belleville-Quinte residency program places family medicine at the centre of your learning experience in a truly integrated, horizontal curriculum. Along with your core family medicine experiences, you will be completing concurrent placements in related settings, giving you and your patients valuable exposure to truly comprehensive care.
Family physician teachers direct the learning objectives for each of your clinical experiences, and while you will be learning in many different settings, the emphasis will be on the specific skills family physicians require.
During your training, enjoy life in the charming city of Belleville, known for its waterfront festivals. There are many recreational opportunities to enjoy, and numerous provincial and national parks. Nearby Prince Edward County is home to numerous wineries, unique shopping experiences and fabulous dining.

If you are looking for a family medicine residency program to train you to be an outstanding, comprehensive family physician, the Queen's Belleville-Quinte program is the one for you.