Program Highlights:
  • Family Medicine-centred 2-year integrated, horizontal “Triple C” Curriculum (Comprehensive learning, Continuity of learning and Family Medicine-Centred education)
  • An average of 2 full days in Family Medicine clinics each week, alongside horizontal experiences in other disciplines relevant to Family Medicine
  • 8 weeks of rural community Family Medicine (locations could include Picton, Bancroft, Trenton, or other nearby communities)
  • 8 weeks of Electives
  • On average, 2 days/week of Family Medicine with one primary preceptor over your entire 2 years
  • Wednesday afternoons are academic teaching (protected time)
  • Family Medicine on-call at Belleville General Hospital
  • Horizontal experiences:
    • Pediatric clinics
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics and on-call
    • Lumps, bumps and minor procedure clinics
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Cardiology
    • Gastroenterology
    • Behavioural Medicine in a community office setting
    • Hospitalist (Family Physician-led)
    • Palliative Care
  • 4 weeks of Internal Medicine
  • 4 weeks of Electives
  • On average, 2 days/week of Family Medicine in a community practice with your primary preceptor ensures continuity of patient care
  • 8 weeks of Rural Family Medicine outside of Belleville in Picton, Trenton, Bancroft, or any other Queen’s-approved Rural site
  • 4 weeks of Electives
  • Horizontal experiences continue